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About Amy‘s Cuisine

Amy’s Cuisine is Cultural Food Made Simple.

We give you trustworthy, expert information on Food, Recipes, Culture and Culinary Travel. Our team shares firsthand knowledge of cultural food, including:

  • what cultural foods you will enjoy, based on flavor profiles and cuisine
  • how to prepare cultural foods in your own kitchen
  • where to find ingredients (for home cooking)
  • where/how to find authentic, tasty dining venues (when travelling)
  • how to get the most out of cultural food experiences

Through Recipes, Food Guides, Customized Food Tours, Food Guides, and articles on Food Tourism and Food Culture, Amy’s Cuisine helps you eat and savour dishes from across the world.

Amy's Cuisine | Easy Tiramisu image. Layers of light brown/yellow ladyfingers soaked in espresso, between layers of off-white mascarpone cheese mixture and white heavy whipping cream. Topped with brown sifted raw cocoa powder. Served on a white dish with a decorative silver spoon blurred and glass mug of coffee in background.
Easy Tiramisu

Better yet? We offer you options: create simple, delicious recipes in the comfort of your home kitchen or in trusted, tasty venues all over the world.

We are delighted to share our expertise with you to save you time, money and energy.

How Can Amy’s Cuisine Help Me?

Easy! We do our best to make sure enjoying food from different cultures is as painless and stress-free as possible. On Amy’s Cuisine, you’ll find all types of articles and images on Food and Culture, including:


  • Recipes: simple to intermediate levels
  • All types of world cuisine
  • Must-try authentic, local dishes from cities all over the world

Food Tours, Food Guides, Cooking Classes, Food Recommendations

  • Food tours
  • Food guides
  • Cooking classes worldwide (Amy takes them wherever she can!)
  • Special markets, cafes, restaurants and culinary experiences in locations around the world
  • Restaurant and culinary experience recommendations and reviews

Cultural Advice and Recommendations

  • Cultural advice and recommendations from experts
  • Unique cultural events, attractions, experiences and sights
  • Historical sites, visits and images

Amy‘s Cuisine is Cultural Food

Made Simple

Amy of Amy’s Cuisine

Who is Amy Askin of Amy’s Cuisine?

Amy Askin is a Recipe Developer, Food Stylist, Photographer, Food Writer and Restaurant Reviewer. She is also editor in chief of Amy Guides, a website devoted to World Travel, Itinerary Planning, Travel Guides and Content Creation related to Travel.

Amy loves helping you enjoy Every Type of Food You Imagine Eating.   

To date, Amy has visited 42 countries, in which she has enjoyed dozens of cooking classes, food market tours, and culinary experiences. She aspires to visit 50 countries on 6 continents before age 50.

Where else will I find Amy?

Amyful is a podcast hosted by Amy. You’ll find episodes right here on the Amy Guides website.

Find Amyful everywhere you tune in to podcasts. Listen in as Amy swaps stories with locals across the globe on what to see, do and EAT in cities you want to visit.

C’mon! Let’s get Cooking and Eating!